As The Windmill Turns (Viscous Rumors) A KEZL Serial

Photo courtesy of The Light's Edge Photography by Dan and Kris Koch

This program will be a daily 15-minute serial radio program written, performed and produced by local volunteers. Every episode ends in a cliffhanger that encourages the audience to return the following day. There will be just enough connection with real or imagined events (past and present) and people to keep the audience speculating as to how much is real and how much is imagined.

The synopsis of this is the life of a local family (Somewhere in Nebraska) that has mega-millions and runs everything and everybody. Set in the 1970s this rich family is juxtaposed with a family that was formerly rich but now lost everything in bad investments. However, the IRS feels they can’t let the world know the situation of this family or the entire economy of southwest Nebraska could fail. The IRS helps cover up the situation while trying to keep the family from spending too much money that they no longer have anyway while keeping up appearances.

At the same time an unsuspecting young man purchases an old Hudson automobile at the estate sale of a crazy old “mad scientist” former science teacher that lived in an ancient old two-story schoolhouse, local to the area. This old schoolhouse was full of lab experiments and every kind of equipment a scientist could have. Unbeknownst to the purchaser the automobile has been made capable of time travel and possibly dimensional travel at the most inopportune moments. When the Hudson begins to shimmy and shake out on the highway, the riders are about to do some time travel. This gives occasion for the occupants to suddenly be in the past, present or future where historical events can be acted out. From back when the buffalo roam and natives would attack the settlers or in the future where we can only speculate on what the Republican River Valley will be like. There is all kinds of material that can be covered here.

After getting the old Hudson home, an old Royal typewriter is found in the trunk. It is soon discovered that the possessor of the typewriter can change the script for the real live story line by typing in changes on the old Royal. How can anyone keep up with all of this?

When three of a group of teenagers partying late one night in an old abandoned 3 story farm house out in the country disappear while exploring the upstairs a massive manhunt starts. No evidence of the teens can be found but when visiting the old farm house at night they can be heard eerily calling for help, but the sound can never be pinpointed.

How can this case be solved? Can the time travelling Hudson be put to the test?

We plan to emphasize the local Republican River Valley area, it’s citizens and historical events. Hopefully much of this as we progress can be performed before a live studio audience.

These are the three basic story lines starting off the serial broadcasts. Where will these lines go? Only the writers know....and they haven't written the first episode yet.

These will be produced around two weeks in advance and participants will be sworn to secrecy as to the outcomes.

So we need voice actors, writers, producers and a sound designer. If you like to write and would like to get involved in writing, producing or voice acting for the serial then send us an email with your information and what part you would enjoy helping with.

KEZL is your Non-Profit community station and wants everyone in the community to become involved in some aspect of station operations.

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