In Automobiles and Sometimes in Homes

Telephone chargers, dash cams, all of those things generate all kind of electronic noise that can affect AM and FM reception in your car. Those items are generally made in China and do not meet FCC standards for radiation emmissions. If you have problems receiving in the car and you are within our coverage area as shown at the borrom of this page then unplug those sorts of things and see if reception returns. This is a huge problem for radio reception these days.
Generally in automobiles FM can fade in deep valleys on the highway and work wonderfully at the tops of the hills for some distance.

If you look closely at the coverage map below, you will see the hilltops are green and the valleys are yellow and there are blank spots in the deep valleys further out from our transmitter in McCook. Oberlin, KS is a great example of a place we have horrible reception right now while still well within our main coverage. Because Oberlin is nestled in a valley and there are taller hills between our tower and Oberlin, reception in Oberlin is affected severely. Taller hills between the transmitter in McCook and the receiver can also block reception. However once out of the Oberlin valley coverage resumes for another 20 miles or so down the highway towards Norton or Hoxie.

In your house be sure to have the FM receiver as far away from computers, television and other high noise generating items as possible.

KEZL-FM broadcasts under license from the FCC, Washington, DC

Current authorized coverage area. Green= Great automobile receiver coverage
Yellow = spotty auto coverage, good reception on decent home radios.