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Let's Talk About Underwriting

Your Republican River Valley Public Radio station receives no funding from advertising. It is entirely listener and underwriter supported.

While Businesses and Practices (Lawyers, Doctors, Etc)and Individuals cannot advertise on KEZL they may underwrite and thus sponsor the station and receive over the air announcements in return. Underwriting announcements are simple. Try to not think of this as purchasing advertising. While you are given name recognition and contact information in your announcement you must think of underwriting as sponsoring the station and supporting the community radio station.

Example of a standard Underwriting Announcement:

This hour of programming is underwritten
by Joe's Garage of McCook.
Joe's Garage repairs any brand of automobile.
Find out more at JOESGARAGE.COM
or by calling 308-555-5555

Example of an Individual Underwriting Announcement:

This hour of programming is underwritten
by the law offices of Huey, Dewey and Louie in McCook.
Huey, Dewey and Louie specialize in Wills, Financial and Estate Planning.
Contact the office of Huey, Dewey and Louie at 308-555-5555 or
visit their Law offices at 555 555th Street in Cambridge, NE

Example of an Individual Underwriting Announcement:

This hour of programming is underwritten
by John Smith of Oberlin, KS.
John's Mother, Martha Smith of Indianola enjoys listening to KEZL radio
and this hour of programming is paid for by John Smith in her honor.


Broadcasting over the air is very costly to do. You can help defray these actual costs

Announcements of short duration are made throughout the day. We have two packages for starting out to make it easy. We can easily do more or less, or arrange sponsorship of special programming.

Package #1: 25 announcements per week for $50/weekly. These announcements run 6AM to 8PM. In addition you receive free announcements during the remainder of the broadcast day.

Package #2 is $25 for 12 announcements weekly.

More or less is available.

Email us here with your name, business or practice name and which package you are interested in. Also feel free to ask any questions. A station representative will call you or email you back to collect payment and confirm copy for your announcements.

No revenue from the station is ever taken out by "owners".
Nonprofits do not have owners, however there is a board of directors.
None of these directors can take any funds out of the station by LAW. So all revenue stays in the station for payment of expenses.