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    Help us write, act out and produce our own radio serial for SW Nebraska.

    What is Public Radio? Who Would Build Something NonProfit? There seems to be a lot of confusion on this subject.

    Public broadcasting is defined by the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 and subsequent amendments. Frequencies reserved for Public radio stations were first reserved by congress in 1938. Public radio differs from commercial radio in several ways: public radio is nonprofit; public radio produces and distributes primarily educational, cultural and informational programs; and public radio may accept gifts, grants, donations and contributions for the production, acquisition and promotion of those programs.

    Thus public radio is able to produce programming in isolation from the demands of the commercial marketplace. Fully 20% of all FM Frequencies are reserved for Public Broadcasting, and there are over 3800 Public Radio stations operating in the USA. More information is Here

    KEZL-FM broadcasts under license from the FCC, Washington, DC